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TRAVERSE Business Solutions use 100% Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technology. TRAVERSE 11 is the Next Generation of Business Software

Have you ou ever been frustrated when your software company has released a new version with a feature that you really wanted, but you could not have it because your software is modified, and redoing all your customizations would have been prohibitively expensive? 

Well,  with TRAVERSE 11 this situation will belong to “history”!  What’s new with TRAVERSE 11 is the ability to carry your modifications forward from version to version without having to redo them!    How?


Imagine a Russian Doll.  Inside the Russian Doll, there is another Russian Doll.  The innermost Russian Doll is the software just exactly how it came “out of the box”.  The outer Dolls represent all the level customizations made to your system.  With TRAVERSE 11, when a new version is released, we’ll replace the innermost Russian Doll with a new Doll, while all the outer Dolls remain the same.  This is revolutionary!  Want to test this?

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We have updated the TRAVERSE version 11 Preview Site – it’s not only FAST
but has new functions added such as graphing of historical data
(see menu AR Summary History Inquiry) and the new reporting structure
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First of all, and most importantly, the NEW TRAVERSE is easier to personalize/customize, by the user and for each user according to what they want to do. We’re not just talking favorites here, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can add custom fields, rearrange screens, and many more things are able to be done by YOU, the user! All this without programming expertise and without having to worry about ripple effects in the module you are in or other modules. And, what’s most impressive is that all of these changes sit on top, not within the standard TRAVERSE modules.

What this means is that when a new version or a bug fix update is released, you just add that new version and all of your personal design changes remain intact! This is a result of the new technology on which TRAVERSE 11 is built.

Once you see the capabilities of this new version of TRAVERSE, you can’t help but be impressed. This is a totally redesigned 100% .Net SQL version of TRAVERSE, compared to other software packages that are being updated with a .Net wrapper software, not nearly as functional for users. 

The new TRAVERSE 11 is the genuine thing.  Once a user creates his or her own personalized screen and reports, he or she then can have it just for the current session or save it either for personal and/or public use and it’s stored outside the basic TRAVERSE system so that when the upgrades come, nothing will be touched, instead, the personalization just rolls along just as before.

This is just a small taste of what the new Traverse can do and be. It will have all of the great features you are used to and a whole lot more.


So much more, in fact, that we were required to be certified to customize it beyond what you  can do as an end user with the available tools that are included.  

What we have described so far is one of four new main features in TRAVERSE 11 called

Next is the Design part. Use the TRAVERSE Design Studio to add custom fields, change the layout of forms, and build import and export definitions to provide integration to other software or automation equipment that you may use. Again, programming not necessary.

The third part is called Integrate. Use the TRAVERSE Integration Engine, a set of data mapping and scheduling tools included in the TRAVERSE Design Studio, to integrate your Web store, trading partner, or other proprietary or third-party application data with TRAVERSE. Using these integration tools ensures that data coming into TRAVERSE from these systems is passed through the same validations and business rules as data you enter in TRAVERSE.

Lastly, Customize. TRAVERSE is built on a complete framework designed to help us customize TRAVERSE applications to fit your needs. And just as in TRAVERSE itself, an extension or custom application you build on the TRAVERSE framework automatically inherits TRAVERSE’s adaptability through the other layers.  

In coming issues we will elaborate.

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Independent Review of TRAVERSE 11

Jan. 11-Feb.14, 2010 Mid-Range Accounting Packages Keep Evolving

Accounting Today reviewed TRAVERSE v11 in the magazine's annual Mid-Range Accounting review.

TRAVERSE received a very favorable review:

"TRAVERSE Version 11, the newest generation, is built on .Net and SQL Server technologies and has four layers of adaptability.Open Systems' TRAVERSE accounting software is a business management backbone for many small, growing and mid-market companies. Though built on Microsoft technology, Open Systems provides source code at no additional cost. Recent enhancements to the system have included
TRAVERSE Banking, for secure electronic banking.

The TRAVERSE Design Studio gives users the ability to add custom fields, adjust screens for various users and roles, and build import and export definitions to provide integration to other business management software applications or automation equipment that may be in use. In the integration layer, users can integrate their Web store, trading partner, or other proprietary or third-party data to TRAVERSE using the TRAVERSE Integration Engine, a set of data mapping and scheduling tools. And there's customization to meet the specific business needs of a company.

The first is a personalization layer that allows each user to customize screen preferences, adjust menu organization, and create and save individualized views of data for inquiry and reporting.  TRAVERSE offers a powerful, scalable and customizable system appropriate to its position as a mid-range accounting package with a well-established user base, a host of advanced features and economical pricing. It also benefits from its status as the only open-source software among the major mid-range accounting packages. (p. 27)"

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