Sample Report

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A sample report

Note. If your impression is that the data seems “generic”, you are right! It IS generic “sample” data.
But the reports and Dashboards are mine. This is sample data but I started with “raw” .csv and .xlsx files, all the rest, the data
import, data manipulation, report creation, dashboard creation and conclusions are all mine! This mirrors a real live situation, as one, hopefully, is given the data already entered (somewhere).

Chart 1 and 2

Combo Chart

Specified Time Frame

Numbers for a speciefied time period.

Combo Chart

This is combo of a bar chart, matrix and a slicer. In this illustration, the slicer covers the entire time period from 1/1/2016 through 6/19/2017. The matrix displays total transactions, total profit, returns and return rate.

Combo Chart for a selected time period

Same chart as Chart 1, but now the slicer has limited the data to 12/31/2016 to 6/19/2017. The bar chart and the matrix change accordingly.

Chart 3 and 4


Key Performance Indicators.

The Whole Picture

All results on one page.


This shows the addition of a KPI, showing Revenue in relation to target. It shows: “we have a long way to go!”

This is the Whole Picture

This includes KPIs for transactions, profit and returns, as well as a Matrix
for all numbers., with a filter showing the top 30 items by transactions.
A map that is interactive in that a slicer decides whether ort not you see “all” countries or a selection. A tree map illustrates states/regions/cities, depending on the country selection you make. The KPI for Revenue vs. Target is included

Chart 5 and 6


Key Performance Indicators.

The Whole Picture

All results on one page.

Only Canada 

Here we selected Canada only. As is evident the story is that Canada could do a LOT better. They are only in one area of the (in the regions of Vancouver and Victoria - beautiful spots by the way), but their returns are down, which is good (green), but both transactions and profit stink!
Oh, Canada!

Results for a selected product

Here just one product brand (Bravo) is selected. It shows where and when it sells and how so many products are returned (as part of this product brand)! Transactions and profit are up, but do something about those returns, will you?

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