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Information Management Solutions, Inc. IMS is a computer consulting firm in St. Louis, Missouri.  We’ve been in business since 1984.
We specialize in accounting software and the products we support are OSAS – Open Systems Accounting Software and TRAVERSE – a complete Business system.  



* = You must be current on Maintenance and Maintenance fees are not included.

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Mar 16  – Mar 20
25%  *
Mar 23  –  Mar 27
20%  *
* = Maintenance not included. 
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About our products:




TRAVERSE is our fully integrated application suite based on the latest Microsoft technologies TRAVERSE’s adaptable framework gives you the tools to personalize screens, forms, reports and processes the way you want distribution, accounting, business

Live Demos of TRAVERSE 10.5 and TRAVERSE 11

TRAVERSE 11 | A fun quiz |TRAVERSE Year-End Check List | Try the New TRAVERSE 11 here | Have you ever heard of a One-Question Survey? Here is one! | An Executive Briefing: The Next Generation of Business Management Software | TRAVERSE 11 Product Relase Update (March 2011)

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For companies depending upon Linux/UNIX, Mac, Windows, or mixed-platform computing, OSAS (since 1976) provides a core set of proven modules from a reputable vendor.

OSAS 7.6 Live DEMO

OSAS Year-End Checklist | Why be on OSAS Maintenance?

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